Friday, June 30, 2006

How absurd?

(warning this post is completely about cycling)

I know you have all been reading about "Operation Puerto". 58 cyclists are supposedly listed in a 500+ page police report on a doping ring. Fine. Whatever. Just don't ruin what is destined to be the best Tour de France in 10 years. Now what do the heads of international cycling do?

Jan Ulrich out of the Tour! Ivan Basso out of the Tour! (not by choice mind you) And countless others to be named soon!!! Dudes, you just ruined the Tour. We all know that pro riders dope except Lance (<-- that was a joke.) Quit living in fantasy land. Don't ruin my Tour de France.

So what do I suggest we as cycling fans do? I am taking myself out of the tour!!!

No watching it OLN when I get home! No reading it live on No reading it on velonews. Unless the situation changes between now and the tour start, I am officially out of the 2006 Tour de France. See you next year.

BTW. Partying in Virginia Beach for a few days. Be back for the 4th. Stay sexy.


Anonymous said...

Need more chaz.

Charles said...

You can't handle more Chaz!