Sunday, May 28, 2006

Long time no see?

Whats up my people?

This is my first after-vegas post. Well, I survived. (barely) That is all that will be discussed of my trip to Vegas other than the following two items.

1) Las Vegas was AWESOME!!! If you have a chance to go, do it. Don't hesitate, just go!

2) We invented a new drink while in Vegas. It called either "The Gardiner" (pronounced as if you were in France i.e. gar-din- eh') or you can call it "The Eighteen." It consists of doing a shot of 1800 while chasing it with Red Bull. It rocks!

I didn't upack to till yesterday. It was a busy week. Work, Fun (read beer/poker), and Excercise. I did a 5k the day after arriving from Vegas. It was slightly painful.

A Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, goes out to my boy Matteis.

In a final note . . . I have some new furniture coming tomorrow. That's right, I broke down yesterday and bought a real couch, chair and ottamon. No more blue ikea bullshit couch for Daddy! So I got that going for me.

Have a good memorial day. I think I'm gonna go chill pool side for an hour and see if I can turn this pale skin, pink.


Ravi said...

you aren't posting enough.


i ain't paying good money to read one post a week...

Charles said...

I can't argue with you there. I've been a little busy lately and just haven't had the creativity flowing. But for you, I'll post.

I'll even add a link to your new blog to make it up to you.