Saturday, July 30, 2005

Still Alive

Still alive after last night yo? The morning was a bit of a wash though. Oh well . . .

So I bought 2 Lacoste shirts this week. Actually I didn't have to pay for one of them cause I was returning clothes I received as a present in exchange for the shirt. (I mean who wears shorts with pleats?, please.)

Anywayz, I bought one yellow and one white. As it turns out these are the exact same colors I bought my Grandad and Dad for father's day. Worst of all, I didn't realize it, until someone pointed this fact out to me. It must have been some weird unconious thing, or maybe not.

All right so this was the most pointless post ever. I'll work harder next time.

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ravisraman said...

yes, pls do, my time is money.