Saturday, July 16, 2005

Eek Eek Eek, I'm a Cat. 5 squirrel

So I decided to go to the Thursday night Criterium ride in Great Valley Corporate Center this week. HA! It was not the return to greatness that I had invisioned in my mind.

I get there right around 6pm so the thing just started. I do a few warm up laps and try to hop on the back of the pack. My dumb ass tried to hop on when there was a break. Those doods where moving. I get dropped almost instantaneously but not before I realize that I completely forget how to really ride a bike. So I do another warm up lap and try to hop on the back again.

This time I find some inspiration. I see Huricanne Bob in the rear working hard. I hop on his wheel. I get to one of the turns. I see everyone pedaling through it. I must really suck cause I can't pedal through it. Despite my complete lack of handling ability I manage to hang onto the group for 5 laps. At one point I realized I am leaning the wrong way at the turns. Yeah, I am a Cat 5. squirrel. Bob made some joke about me being Cat 9. He maybe right.

I drop out the back. Do a few warm up laps and and then hop back on for another 5 laps.

In the end it was more than I could have expected out of myself having not ridden seriously for months. But what I didn't realize was how much I really missed going to it. Even though I only loosely know a few doods there, I have a great time just riding. This of course is all to reach a goal of cyclo-cross racing in the fall. I am going to try and ride 2 hours today.

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