Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hello Ladies?

Well, last night could have been boring but I decided to make it a little interesting. . . .

First the back story. . . when I get bored at a bar I will occasionaly turn to Bubba or whomever happens to be at the bar with me and ask, "hey, you want to make out later?" This usually gets some breif laughs. anyways . . .

I was hanging out at the Boathouse with Bubba, Kyle, and Kyle's woman. Kyle's woman is sitting on his lap, and Bubba is sitting next to them. I am standing for no good reason, when some random skinny dood sits down next to Kyle's woman and introduces himself to everybody.

We had noticed this dood earlier as he was hanging out with several ladies from "Q Jersey" (that was not my saying, they told the D.J. they were from "Q Jersey".) This of course only reiterates every suspicion I had about New Jersey. But I digress . . .

Well, this dood, introduces himself and we talk to him for a bit, despite the weirdness of the situation. (I mean he left ladies to talk to 3 doods and 1 lady who was sitting on a dood's lap. In my book, that counts as weird.) So we get the first uncomfortable silence. This when I seize my opportunity to see what this guy is made of. I slap Bubba on the shoulder to wake him up, cause I don't want him to miss this.

I turn to our new friend and ask, "Hey, you want to make out later?" He has no idea what to say for about 5 seconds and then weakly replys, "No, not really." To which I reply, "Are you sure?" He says "yeah." At this point, beer is almost spilling out of the noses of Bubba, Kyle, and his woman. There is more uncomfortable silence because if anyone opens their mouth, Beer is gonna spill from laughing too much. He just continues to sit there with this glazed look on his face. I have to walk away, because I'm about to fall on the ground laughing.

To my surprise when I return he is still sitting there! I talk to him a little more and eventually he gets up and leaves never to return.

It certainly made the 11 o'clock highlight film for the evening. We later returned to the land of West Chester to see "The Bean" at 15 North.

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