Thursday, June 21, 2007

Did I really just ride that much?

Guess who is a Cat. 4? This guy. Boohay baby! Boohay!

To get in shape for the next month of racing, I managed to do 120 miles in the last 4 days. Don't beleive me? Here we go . . .

Monday: 30 miles on the river trail. Ran into a friend of mine from racing this season. It was good passing the time on the bike with somebody.

Tuesday: 20 miles. Did some hill repeats. 4 minutes up the hill, 2 minutes down. Rinse, Wash, Repeat. Ended the ride on the rollers to avoid threatening storms. Yes, my vagina is deep and cavernous.

Wednesday: 30 miles around town. Nothing serious. Just some active recovery from the hills.

Thursday: 45 miles. I road out to the Great Valley Criterium. As I was riding easy, my teamates caught me who were riding to it. We ended up hammering over to the Crit and got there half an hour early. No worries about warming up.

The Crit started well. It was very windy. There were times when people in the front could not stretch out the field. I managed to get my fat ass up to the front for a lap and a half, but I was pegged after that. I dropped to the back and gave myself a lap. When I hopped on the field I road in the mid pack and let other people work for the rest of the ride.

Cruised on home with my teammates. It was a great day. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

No racing this weekend just riding. I'll break my Cat 4 cherry next weekend.

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