Thursday, May 31, 2007

Weekend Races . . .

Two fairly big races this weekend.

1) The Mount Penn Road Race. It consists of a 3 mile loop. (road race?, more like circuit race). Up Mount Penn, Down Mount Penn. Repeat. It should be a good time.

2) Habitat for Humanity Race. This one is a little tougher to describe. Another 3 mile loop only it contains a nice descent into a turn. Followed by a turn onto a very narrow bridge. Followed by a climb ending with a 180 degree turn. The course applies the pain in large doses.

So I did half Thursday night Crit last night. About half way through my wrist hurt so bad, it was hard to concentrate on riding the bike. Luckily it was a right turn crit and my left wrist is the problem. I think I can still race, so we'll see how these races go.

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