Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday . . .

Hey kids, what up? I have a question for all of you. Am I training for a half ironman? No. Good, I didn't think I was but if you asked me what I did today you might think otherwise.

Today, I got up. Ate some breakfast. (coffee and an everything bagel covered in Nutella). Then I went to the pool and swam 2500 meters in the outdoor 50 meter pool. I am making a rather hurried attempt to be prepared for the 4.4 mile Bay Swim.

After that . . . I went home, had some lunch and rested. Then I figured it was way too nice outside to not ride my bike. My inner voice was not going to let me lay on the couch the rest of the day. So what do I do? I did this. . . .

This ended up being a little 50 mile ride through some great farm country in pickering valley. Unfortunately my bike did not feel like shifting into the lowest gear. This became a problem when climbing, which was often because this ride was anything but flat. Traffic was almost none until I decided I was tired and hungry. Once that occured I decided to take route 401 home. I normally would never ride on Route 401 on purpose but I was desparate for my couch.

Around mile 36 I felt very very bonky. This should not be a surprise, considering I took only a water and a gatoraide with me. There is no greater feeling on a long ride than being low on sugar and seeing a WaWa appear over the hill. It is amazing!!! I bought 2 gatoraides, a Tastykake Junior Pound Cake and a Cliff Bar. Tastykakes are the best because the sugar enters my system almost immediately. I bought 2 gatoraides because I was not sure of how long the ride would last. ( I only consumed one.)

So I might be a little tired in the morning. Thats all right though. Its Monday and who wants to be awake for that?

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