Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Saved by the Sprinkler

You maybe wondering what has happened to the Drive to 185! Well, It is all but over because I am planning on doing an Ironman in October. This being said, I figured it would be a good idea to go running. . . .

So it is Saturday around 12:30pm, and it is all of 93 degrees outside. I got up 2 hours ago and I've had my morning coffee. I figure, what better time to go run for an hour then now! Keep in mind, I haven't seriously run in weeks. I drink a glass of water, throw on my asics, and get my ass out the door.

I start out easy enough. Running a shady but rolling hill route to keep myself cool. I get 20 minutes into the run. I'm feeling pretty good. (Keep in mind the shade) In my infinite wisdom I choose to head down hill and run on Devon Park Road. This is a road through a treeless industrial park. I get there. It is an oven! At times I could feel my skin stinging from the sun. It was 2 miles of pain. By the time I reach the end of Devon Park Road, I'm a defeated man. I am talking to elephants that are drinking Margaritas as they read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. It was a bad scene.

When I realize the elephants aren't really there, I decide to head back up the hill and get in the shade, even though it may make the run longer. Cursing my way up the hill, I run in the shade and tell myself I'm almost done. Then what do I see, but the greatest gift in the world. Someone is watering there front yard with a SPRINKLER! I was estatic! I run over to the sprinkler, and stand over the thing for 3 minutes. It was beautiful. I felt great! I continue my run, and within another 3 minutes I'm dry. By the time I got home I was hurting again, but damn that sprinkler saved my life. It was a great run.


bubba said...

What happened to the promise of the pics of what was in your fridge??

Melissa said...

are you the only one that comments on his entries?