Saturday, April 29, 2006

Forget running, Let's Party!!!

Wassup yall?!?! (yes, all two of you that read this after I tell you I made this post on the phone.)

Did the BMRC's Out and Back 4 mile fun run, up and down Kelly Drive last night. I started out in the middle of the pack because I just don't care that much about a 4 mile run and I know that I'm not winning my age group anymore. I did the first mile in 8:32, at the turn I was 15:22, I'm not sure what my 3 mile time was but I finished at 28:50. which means I did the last two miles at sub seven minute pace. (which was about my goal for the race)

Anyways, on to the title of this post . . .

There is an awesome party after the race at one of the boat houses. Free food. Free beer!! Lager, no less. (Did I mention that the beer was free!!!) Lets just say Daddy may have had a few too many last night. A band played some cover tunes after a decent dj played some chill indie music. I ended up closing the place down and helping the club put tables away and what not. It was a good time, so I am definitely telling you all do it when it comes around next year.

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