Saturday, March 04, 2006

My shy but loyal fan base?

So, No one ever really adds comments (not that I don't appreciate when you do add comments cause I do), but I see that counter at the bottom of my page ticking upwards on a consistant basis.

So what is the deal people? You a little shy? or are my post just so retarded that there is really nothing to comment on.

I assume that it is more the later than the former. I will try to make things a little more interesting for you. Maybe I'm just not sharing enough of the my life with you all. Don't take offense, but I'm not about to tell the details of the wet dream I had last night. Well, at least not over the internet, I would probably tell you in person.

Anywayz, if you want better posts, I'll work on it. Stay pretty out there!

1 comment:

Jason said...

Dude, I'm pretty sure I'd rather not hear the details of your nocturnal ejaculations over the internet, or in person.

Damn though, "Nocturnal Ejaculations" would be a cool name for a band......