Tuesday, November 01, 2005

There is a hair in your moose.

The alternate title of this post was going to be "Experiments in Hair Care Products" but I liked the other one too.

So I've been thinking about my hair. Yeah I think about my hair, and I ain't ashamed to say so. I came to the conclusion that my hair is very thin. Thin like an anorexic. So I need something to give it some volume. Much like the anorexic would need an I.V. (to complete the analogy)

I go to the local Superfresh to paruse the hair care product isle. I see this thing called Mouse, and a clip from T.V. pops in to my head where Angie Everhart
is saying how mouse is the secret to great hair. Who am I to argue with Angie Everhart? She has good hair, so I figure I'll pick myself up some mouse. I go with the this Aussie brand mouse with medium hold. It is at this point that I get a little suspicous. You see I'm not really looking for something to hold my hair. I just want it to appear thicker.

Well, I wake up the next morning and figure I'll give this stuff a shot. I shampoo. I condition. I get out of the shower, brush my teeth, etc. I finally get to the hair part of my morning routine. I brush my hair straight and reach for the mouse. I put a dolp of it on my hand and place it on my hair and somehow my hair just sucks the stuff up like a vacum. No need to really move it around. It just melts right into my hair. Well upon further brushing of my hair I realize that there is one incredibly stiff area of hair. Outside of that my hair was the same as it always was. No real difference.

So ladies, (if any of you ever read this) what did I do wrong with the mouse? Or did Angie Everhart lead me astray? Should I go with a different hair cair product? Let me know.



Anonymous said...

first of all, dont brush your hair straight... second, you need to scrunch it into your hair instead of just rubbing it in.. third, why did you pick aussie, the girliest smelling hair products ever? :P


Charles said...

Your input is appreciated and will be considered. Thanks