Monday, May 23, 2005

The Drive to 185

The Drive to 185 is my goal to someday weigh 185 lbs. Each Monday I'll post my progress.

"Drive to 185" Current Weight: 167

I am actually lifting weight, so please don't think I'm just sitting around drinking beers and eating chips and salsa. The reason I chose 185 lbs is that I beleive I will be bigger than my older brother if I reach that weight. Yes, I am that infantile.

If you want a great inspiration to lifting weights, watch the documentary "Pumping Iron." It follows Arnold Schwarzenegger as he goes for his 8th Mr. Olympia title. It is great! There are some classic on liners. The beginning has him walking into Gold's Gym with a "Arnold is Numero Uno" t-shirt and saying to the person working the desk, "I would like to start growing some muscles."

One warning though . . . I would not suggest this as a date movie. There is a lot of grunting and groaing in this movie as it is filmed in Gold's Gym. So just as you are putting the moves on your hot date, you hear Arnold grunting his way through a set of squats! Let's just say that it really didn't do much for me, but it maybe just what you need. How should I know?


Jessica said...

Who the hell watches Pumping Iron on a date in the first place? :P highly doubt that would get a girl out of her pants

Charles said...

If you're getting away with watching Pumping Iron on a date, I think the pants coming off maybe a for gone conclusion. But then again what do I know?